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Kansas Mentors is committed to providing every young Kansan with access to a caring and quality mentor. That is why we want to make sure that mentors have the support and resources they need to be successful - no matter if you are just beginning the relationship or wanting to strengthen your match. Feel free to browse the links found in the drop down menu on this tab, and let us know if there are additional resources you would like to see.

20 Ways to be a Great Mentor

1.   Commit to one-year with your mentee.
2.   Be consistent, stable, and reliable to your mentee.
3.   Know the mission of the mentoring organization you are volunteering with.
4.   Always follow the guidelines established by your mentoring organization.
5.   Maintain regular contact with your mentoring organization.
6.   Do not criticize the staff or faculty of your mentoring organization in front of your mentee.
7.   Do not make inappropriate remarks about your mentee's family.
8.   Be a positive role-model.
9.   Never engage in inappropriate physical contact with your mentee.
10. Support community efforts to encourage volunteerism. Volunteer with your mentee!
11. Never violate the law or organizational codes of conduct.
12. Keep conversations confidential between you and your mentee.
13. Talk to a teacher, counselor, or the mentoring organization if your mentee has problems you cannot help with and/or if you feel you need to break confidentiality.
14. Refrain from profanity or other inappropriate speech.
15. Know that a "thank you" may come in the form of a smile instead of words.
16. Be a good listener. Encourage your mentee to share his/her thoughts and feelings.
17. Be happy and joyful when you are with your mentee. Remember that the time you spend together is focused on him/her.
18.Maintain appropriate boundaries. Do not be afraid to say "no" if your mentee is pushing the limits.
19. Put effort into the relationship. Some relationships take longer to develop. Do not get discouraged!
20. Always remember that you are making a difference...even when you may feel as though you are not.

Adapted from Mentor Michigan

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